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Online Coaching with Angela Clark

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Author, Recording Artist and Women's Empowerment Coach

Angela Clark is a mother of 3 children and 2 step-children, an inspired Recording Artist and a Women Empowerment Coach – Inspiring & Empowering Women to Get Their Voice – To Be More, Do More & Have More.

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Angela needs to put something here. 

Angela does a great job going through the process of healing from a cult church. She tells of her own experience and what it has taken her to heal so that she and others can have an enriched life with Christ and those who matter in your life. The best person to help you heal is the person who has been through the process themselves. She is a caring person and it shows throughout her pages. I highly recommend this book to help your own healing process or to understand better what others have gone through in this situation.

- Anonymous

I saw the link & promo from her YouTube channel. Angela is very talented. Books like these help escalate your recovery from this abusive MegaCult called Jehovah’s Witnesses. Looking back at my youth and young adult years spent in this cult and now being a productive person in society, I realized many are asleep in their lives that are slaves in these cults and my ethics of protecting children, treatment of women are higher than these company style humans that lost their humanity, love for their children and neighbors.
I am the creator of the graphic novel Cult Girls, which is a young, comedic, true story. There is so many struggling to heal after being manipulated in these style cults. Peace and love to all. All our lives can have purpose without this real estate, Rolex wearing, publishing company dictating our every move.

- Olivia Green

A wonderful book if you are healing from the trauma of exiting a cult. Angela writes wonderfully about healing and helps you like a friend to move forward in your life. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Angela for your commitment to helping others.

- Kerry Kaye Davies

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