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Helpful Cult Recovery Websites

Websites: – General cult recovery education info. By Rosanne Henry – Cult Therapist– Great Site – General cult education and info on several groups and great resources in here – but supportive of ICSA views – be careful – Transcendental Medication Revealing Their Secret Teachings and False Beliefs – Critical of International Church of Christ (ICC) An Organization of Former Members of the International Churches of Christ (ICoC) (ICOC),
and International Christian Church (ICC)/Sold Out Discipling Movement
Boston Church of Christ/”Boston Movement”,
and Crossroads Church of Christ/”Crossroads Movement”– Critical of Mormons – Critical of Scientology – Leah Remini – Critical of Scientology and JW – Assisting Victims of Child Sex Abuse Experienced as a JW with Rick Ross – JW Site – Directory of Cult Recovery Resources – Co-dependency issues – (CODA – Co-Dependents Anonymous) Go to Audio Recordings – EMF Cult Recovery 101 – Ex-Ramantha School of Enlightenment or NEW:   Radio Program  (Dan Clark’s Website) (Angela Clark’s Website)  – Focusing on Dangers of Coercion (Ie. Gaslighting, Abuse)


Facebook Page: Life After Religion (Dan’s Clark’s Facebook page) – Resources for Ex-Members of Cultic & Fundamentalist Groups – and Attending to the Soul – Psychology & Spirituality – Directory of Cult Recovery Resources  – Books & Internet Resources, Articles Galore About the Jehovah’s Witnesses & Other Religions – very unbiased (ie. Branch Davidians (David Koresh), Scientology, Ramantha School of Enlightenment, – A Common Bond – recovering from Religion  – Live Streaming Video – Michael Beckwith’s Website

Facebook Groups

Ex-Worldwide Truth Seekers – WWCG – Angela Clark’s

Life After Religion – Dan Clark’s

The Art of Healthy Relationships – Dan and Angela Clark’s Page

Beyond the Veil – of Corruption – Angela Clark’s

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