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New Book Announcement!

So Proud To Tell You About MY NEW BOOK – “Awakening from Unconscious Resentment: Learning to Uncover the Hidden Saboteurs That Are Hindering Your Life & Relationships”

This book will unlock your mind from the unconscious thinking that is hindering us from living the life of our dreams, blocking the inner chambers of our hearts and sabotaging our lives. Want a heart that is pliable, and able to love again; to begin Trusting & Believing in Yourself and Life Again? You’ll be given invaluable tools that we should have learned at home, church and school – but was NEVER taught!!! These critical tools/skills that I share in this book will enable you to see, possibly for the first time, what’s actually going on in your life, including the dysfunctional, disappointing and frustrating relationships we have with others.  You’ll learn to recognize and stop the cycle of dysfunction and abuse and take charge of your relationships so that you can truly LIVE the life you truly desire, but so far have only dreamed of. Oh, But It’s Not Just a Dream! Trust Me! I discovered these “withheld” tools/skills – and EVERYTHING CHANGED for me!

Read this book and see how yours can/will too!

This book is for anyone feeling worn out, frustrated and alone due to relationships that are just not satisfying. But Why? That is What We’re Going to Get to the Bottom of. See, we should have learned at home, school and church this “must have” knowledge/skills I call “the tools” that are crucial to our happiness and success in relationships. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they didn’t teach us this stuff!!! But without them – we’re screwed! I lost my marriage of 24 years never having learned these vital tools, but once I got them – EVERYTHING CHANGED. In this book, we’re going to go through each aspect and area of your life and get to the core issue and tool needed to bring life back to those relationships — and your own life so that you feel good maybe for the first time in your life. Without these skills/this knowledge – happy and fulfilled relationships are just not going to happen and you may even stay miserable the rest of your life and die with your joy and music inside you. I share my life situations and tons of others to show you exactly what I mean – and you’ll love these stories and examples too! You’ll learn how to look at situations differently, set boundaries and how to Get Your Voice which is so critical. You’ll learn how to ask for what you want and need without guilt and get it too! This book goes deep and is heartfelt, honest and raw at times – but I don’t hold back and you will not go away as the same person once you’ve read this book. I”ll recommend all the great classes, books and programs that made all of this possible for me and that changed my life forever and will change yours too! Check out this really great book.


Angela Clark is an author, musician and recording artist living in Caldwell, ID. She is also a fine wood finisher and, along with her husband, owns Upscale Kitchen Refinishing. She has a passion for helping those who are struggling to thrive in life. She seeks through music and inspiration to lift them up, giving them the tools needed to be what they were meant to be. She has taught Life Skills at two county jails in Colorado and currently at the Boise Rescue Mission as a volunteer working with those who are in need of being uplifted through life’s trials through her inspirational music, cooking, books (including those written with her husband Dan Clark), daily inspirations and videos. Having been through her own difficult challenges and at last finding happiness and freedom, she is enjoying sharing her new-found inspiration, creativity and hope with others, paying it forward. Angela has spoken on Radio and T.V. as well at various churches throughout the world. Check out her new book – Awakening From Unconscious Resentment: Learning to Uncover the Hidden Saboteurs That Are Hindering our Life & Relationships.

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