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EMPOWER HER LIFE COACH:  Inspiring Woman to Get Their Voice ~ To Do More, Be More & Have More.

Do You Feel Like Everyone Around You Seems to Have Love, Success & Happiness and You Feel Stuck – Left Behind?  Not to Worry.

19 Years Ago, I was nearly dead and truthfully, didn’t want to live anymore. Perhaps you’ve felt like this.  What Was Really Going On?  What Was Wrong? Then, one day, while I was desperately lonely in the mountains and attempting to pray to a God that I believed was disgusted with me – something emerged from the depths of my soul that cried within me, “No, I Want to LIVE!”  I was shocked.  But somehow, from that moment on I had the strength to begin to Live Again, to Make Changes, to Get My Voice and from there everything changed.  I was led to the right help, books, counselors, etc.  I let go of a lot, I lost a lot, and I gained back something even greater!  If you relate to this – it can all change for you too if you will it so and want it to. I’m just here to lift a helping hand, give an encouraging word, be a listening ear and share any tools with you that you may want to use – the ones that helped me along my journey.  If you are looking for this kind of encouragement and inspiration – I’m here for you.  Hi, my name is Angela Clark, An Empower Her Life Coach – Inspiring Woman to Get Their Voice, to then Do More, Be More and Have More!  Have more of what you want in life.  To Dream Again!   For more information or to schedule your first session with me, CLICK on the Link below and sign up.  Yay for Change!  Here’s to Our Life!

To Schedule a Session:  Click Here: (Coming Soon).


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